There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.


Incredible Spaces. Unbelievable Design.

The most impressive interiors balance function, durability, and design without sacrificing anything. Our natural stone, wood, and Artisan-made surfaces offer decades of breathtaking beauty while providing undeniable style and function that you can rely on.


Natural Stone

Natural stone offers an undeniable beauty that hints at untold millennia of history in every curve and color. Loved for its strength and brilliance, natural stone is the first choice for many designers, builders, and architects looking to make a statement.

Custom interior stone flooring
Large format manufactired stone in hotel entryway
Natural Stone Tall
Interior Stone
Hard wood flooring

Interior Flooring

Our wide selection of quality flooring products fit into any lifestyle, taste, or budget. We understand that people want to make a statement with their floors, and that’s exactly why we provide a wide selection of products at the best prices.


Cabinets & Millwork

We partner with award-winning millworkers and cabinet-makers that uphold the highest industry standards and recognition in all of Canada, Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC). From classic and clean to bold and even avant-garde designs, we can make any idea a reality.

Interior cabinets for a closet
Custom designed door
Millwork for Restaurant
Large format tile
Private bathroom with stone walls and flooring
Custom designed interior flooring and walls

Large-Format Tile

Make a statement with large-format tile that is both grandiose and elegant at the same time. Each piece  is made of hand-crafted porcelain (up to 10 feet wide) that is manufactured to your exact specifications including thickness, colour, and texture providing a look of significance that smaller tile simply cannot achieve.


Retail Display Fixtures

Partnered with retail furniture manufacturer Ouyee, our natural and Artisan stone materials are the perfect backdrop for displaying products including fine jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, high-end handbags and more.

Retail Displays
Retail Displays
Exterior stone panels
Large format stone for walls and floors
Custom interior flooring and walls

Wall Panel

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